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Sleep Shaping for Newborns

This is a great choice for an expectant parent wanting some early advice on the characteristics of newborn sleep, or a new parent in those first few weeks of life with your precious little one. If you want to know how you can help to ‘shape’ their sleep which will be invaluable as they get older, then this is the package is for you.


It consists of a 60 minute visit to your home, during which time I will cover all aspects of newborn sleep and equip you with the tools and information to provide the all-important foundations early on. Alongside this you will be sent a newborn sleep guide.


Suitable for Newborn-3 months or if you are an expecting parent. A perfect Baby Shower gift!

Price: £80

newborn yawning and about to sleep
reading before nap time

Restoring Happy Sleep for Children


This is a great package if you are feeling confident in helping with your children's sleep but just need some advice from an expert. Ideal for babies that are struggling to self-settle, wanting to get rid of the dummy or if you are having some bedtime battles with older toddlers/preschool children or wanting help with dropping a nap. 


It will include a 60 minute in person consultation (at your home or a venue of your choice within 10 miles of Marlow) or virtual consultation, a summary email of our conversation with advice and an age appropriate routine to move forward with plus 1 week of support (WhatsApp/Text or email). If you require further support or calls, then this will need to be purchased separately. 


Suitable for 3 months-5 years 

Price: £100

Guiding Happy Sleep for Babies


This package is perfect if you are struggling with early wakes, short naps and/or bedtime dramas. You may be struggling to get your little one to self-settle and are stuck in the throes of co-sleeping or endless night feeds. This package will empower you to make those changes and get the sleep you all need.


It includes an up to 2-hour home visit (or 1 hour FaceTime) where I will cover all the basics, and look at the specifics of your personal situation. I will create a bespoke sleep consultation summary, a plan and routine which will be emailed to you afterwards. It also includes two weeks of follow-up support (WhatsApp/Text or email) and a 15 minute completion call to check in and assess how it is going.


Suitable for: 3-12 months

Price: £300 (in person)

Price: £200 (virtual)

baby asleep in arms
Child sleeping peacefully in bed

Developing Healthy Sleep for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers


A baby and a toddler/pre-schooler have very different sleep needs so this package is tailored to children over 12 months of age until 5 years old. I can support you with dropping naps, early wakes, cot-bed transition, or bedtime struggles and night-wakes.


It includes an up to 2-hour home visit (or 1 hour FaceTime) to go through your child's sleep patterns and build a picture of the support and tools you need. Following the visit I will email you a personalised sleep consultation summary, a sleep plan and routine for you to implement. It also includes follow up support for two weeks (WhatsApp/Text or email) and a 15 minute call at the end of the two week support period to check in that things are moving in the right direction.


Suitable for: 12 months – 5 years

Price: £300 (in person)

Price: £200 (virtual)

The Ultimate Happy Sleep Support


This package includes a 45 minute call prior to a home visit of up to 3 hours.


During the call we will talk through your routines and challenges so I understand which areas you need particular support with, I will then create a bespoke sleep plan for your child and do a home visit over nap or bedtime (approx. 3 hours) and we will implement it together.


 It also includes three weeks of support (WhatsApp/Text or email) and a 15 minute follow up call at the end of the support period. 


Suitable for – 3 months - 5 years 

Price - £400

Baby happy in cot
newborn fast asleep

Additional Sleep Support


7, 10 or 14 days of extra support


If you are an existing customer and, having reached the end of your support time you would like some further days/weeks of support, then this is suitable for you. Please contact me so we can tailor the support to your needs

Marlow Sleep Workshops


I will be holding regular baby and toddler sleep workshops from my home in Marlow for anyone wanting to meet other local parents, listen to a subject specific sleep topic and talk all things baby and toddler sleep over a cup of coffee and some cake. Can also be arranged as a group booking e.g. an NCT group that would like some sleep support for their little ones.


Prices are £15 per person per workshops (max 8 people).


Research shows that face-to-face communication fosters higher quality interactions than online.
Due to this, my preference is to meet in person where possible, allowing me to establish a relationship
not only with you, but also with your baby or child who cannot participate online. We know that so much communication is non-verbal and this is an important part of building trust and connection between us.

All my packages include travel within a 10 mile radius of Marlow.


If meeting in person does not work for you geographically or logistically, I am always happy to adjust to meet your needs. Please contact me directly if you would like a zoom/telephone consultation.

15 Minute Discovery Call

A free 15 minute call to briefly talk things through, meet each other and check we are aligned on working together. We can also talk through each package to see which one best meets your needs.


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