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I am Annabel, and I live in Marlow, Buckinghamshire with my husband Ben and our two wonderful children, Freddie and Nancy. 

I started this journey with my second child Nancy. She would not sleep and nothing I did seemed to work. I found myself Googling solutions at 2am in desperation. There was so much conflicting advice it confused me even more. Do I co-sleep, do I stick to a routine, do I let her sleep on demand or cry it out, how long for? What do I do?

Nothing had prepared me for the effects of sleep deprivation and how desperate I became to find a solution that really worked. Above all else I wanted a happy child, and a family life that resembled something close to normality. I realised I needed help.

I found someone to work with and creating a healthy sleep pattern for my whole family has really changed our lives.


We now have two children who are well-rested with healthy sleep patterns entrenched for life, and we have time to ourselves as parents in the evening. Life feels manageable.  

I knew that this was something I wanted to share with others.

Annabel Chivers drinking tea in her garden in Marlow

I have always worked with children. From my early years as a nanny and au pair, to my professional life as a teacher, they have always been the focus of my time and passion.

After experiencing the debilitating sleep deprivation after my children were born, and the transformation that came through creating healthy sleep patterns, I became determined to help more parents on this journey. I want you to feel confident and knowledgeable about your children’s sleep.

Having been a science teacher, I wanted a methodology based on solid foundations, scientific research and with the health of the child at its core. I found that with the Sleep School by Positively Parenthood.


During my time becoming a certified sleep coach, I had robust and in-depth training focusing on the multiple different areas that can affect your children's sleep from reflux and feeding through to toddler behaviour and diet/weaning.


My training has equipped me work with you to create a bespoke family plan and support structure designed to enable you to build positive, healthy habits around sleep. Good sleep is something we all need for health and happiness and establishing good sleep patterns will be beneficial throughout your children's lives.

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