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I can’t thank Annabel enough for her guidance and expertise with helping our little boy (and us!) regain valuable nights sleep.


After a hit and miss Xmas period, with inconsistent naps, a strong reliance on me rocking him to sleep and unpredictable nights I was ready to smooth things over when it came to my little one’s sleep. Annabel’s approach was super tailored to our individual needs, she really listened to what I wanted to achieve and with only a few tweaks I saw an amazing improvement within 24 hours of starting the training.


I was surprised at how quickly my little one took to the new routine and by giving him the ability to self soothe, he now looks forward to time in his crib and falling asleep without the need for mummy. It’s been such a welcome change and Annabel’s knowledge and guidance kept me strong and supported throughout - something which I am so grateful for!



Would highly recommend Annabel for anyone considering even just a few small improvements to their little ones sleep routine.


Chloe Burton

Annabel was considerate, knowledgeable and kind helping me identify my son's feeding issues and then supporting me through getting his naps and nights consistent.


Third time round I was exhausted and unable to get my little boy to sleep with two other children in the house. Now, at almost six months he has three solid naps and his night sleep is so much better.


I think the support of a coach is so helpful when you're sleep deprived and second guessing your decisions.


Would highly recommend Annabel!

Pop S


We are so very grateful to Annabel who helped us when we were struggling with our daughter’s sleep.


At just over six months she was waking every 1/2 hour or so from around 3am (after a good stint of sleep since 6.30pm) but wasn’t really hungry (she’s not very food oriented!) and we were struggling with the lack of sleep! Annabel was so kind and patient with us, listening to all our concerns and discussing with us everything about our baby girl. After a thorough deep dive into what might be happening,


Annabel offered us varying approaches of sleep training that we could try and we then chose the method that felt right for us. On the first night we had to visit and comfort her quite frequently - however she seemed to catch on very quickly and by the second night a quick settle was all she needed a couple of times.


Since then she usually sleeps through the night (waking for 1 quick bottle that we are still happy to give her for the time being), and on the odd occasion she does wake we feel confident in how to approach settling her. Annabel’s support was invaluable, even as a 3rd time Mum, not only to advise, but also to encourage us that we were doing the right thing, something which can often be lost in the chaos of sleepless nights.


She was with us every step of the way through our 2 weeks of support and then during our call at the end she provided us with some invaluable follow on advice to help us as our little girl gets older.


Thank you Annabel

Georgiana Budge

Honestly I didn’t think anyone could help us, until I came across Annabel over at the Marlow Sleep Coach. She’s literally like a Angel in disguise. After struggling for months and living on coffee with very little sleep we’ve finally started to see BIG improvements with our little boy and his sleep routine.

He was waking multiple times in the night, with day time naps that were all over the place but now he’s nearly going straight through and even waking much later than his usual 6am wake up call - giving me time to actually grab a hot drink before starting our day. Annabel always goes above and beyond from FaceTime calls to checking in daily/weekly on how we are progressing.

I really wish I’d came across Marlow Sleep Coach a lot sooner than I did but I will be forever grateful for all the sleep I’m now getting!

Shannon Robson

Total lifesaver!


My two-year-old had suddenly started climbing out of his cot or waking up in the middle of the night upset.  After several brutal months of limited sleep my youngest’s ‘sleep blip’ was showing no signs of shifting and it was impacting the whole household.


Annabel aka the Marlow Sleep Coach was incredible. She’s local so was great we could meet up in person - and she listened to my concerns, was sympathetic but clearly confident with approaches on how to tackle the wakeups. She followed up with a detailed plan on how to break the cycle with a step-by-step guide to implement.


Pleased to say the whole household is sleeping well again. And I for one am very grateful for the unbroken sleep!

Paula Figgett


I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your guidance and support during our sleep coaching journey with our 6 month old daughter. Your expertise and compassionate approach have made a significant difference in our lives.

Your personalised sleep plan and clear explanations made it easy for us to follow through. Your ongoing availability and willingness to adapt the plan as needed were truly remarkable. Thanks to your dedication, our daughter's sleep patterns have greatly improved, bringing peace and rest to our entire family.

We are incredibly grateful for your expertise, professionalism, and genuine care. We wholeheartedly recommend your services to any parent seeking support in establishing healthy sleep habits.


Alex F


I met Annabel when my daughter was 4 months old. She is my first baby and an ‘erratic’ sleeper at best, waking multiple times hence, I sought some in person advice from Annabel.


She listened very closely and made me feel at ease. After sending me a personalised plan she also followed up multiple times based on the progress we were making.


I would highly recommend Annabel as a trusted ally for any new mum when it comes to their baby’s sleep.


Becky D


Annabel has been brilliant in helping me work out a sleep and general day to day routine with my third baby.


She’s been very kind and empathetic and has really helped my older two settle in to life as a family of 5! We’ve established a plan together that works for everyone in the family and isn’t too rigid for my older two children.


I’d highly recommend her services. 

Louisa Cook

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