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Introducing Annabel as the Marlow Sleep Coach

I live in Marlow, Buckinghamshire with my husband Ben and our two wonderful children, Freddie and Nancy.

I am passionate about empowering you as parents with knowledge and support, and helping your little ones establish healthy sleep habits for optimal development and well-being.

The sleep deprivation that came after my children were born was debilitating, and nothing could have prepared me for it. I am therefore determined to help you as parents to feel more confident and knowledgable with your children’s sleep.


Over the last 6 months, with the wonderful pbcsleepschool, I have studied sleep training in great depth. Covering reflux, diet, feeding and everything else that can affect your children’s sleep, means I am well prepared to work with you as a family and create a bespoke plan that works for you ...........more


A free 15 minute call to briefly talk things through and see what package would be most suitable for you.

Suitable for Newborn-3 months or if you are an expecting parent. A perfect Baby Shower gift!

A great overview package - Suitable for 3 months -5 years

Targeted towards babies aged 4-12 months

Supporting the changing needs of children aged 12 months – 5 years

A full package of support for children aged 4 months - 5 years 

7, 10 or 14 days of extra support

I will be holding regular baby and toddler sleep workshops from my home in Marlow


Research shows that face-to-face communication fosters higher quality interactions than online. Due to this, my preference is always to meet in person, allowing me to establish a relationship not only with you, but also with your baby or child who cannot participate online.

If this is not possible, I am happy to be flexible and work online with you. Please contact me to arrange the consultation.



"Dear Annabel,

I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for your guidance and support during our sleep coaching journey with our 6-month-old daughter. Your expertise and compassionate approach have made a significant difference in our lives.

Your personalised sleep plan and clear explanations made it easy for us to follow through. Your ongoing availability and willingness to adapt the plan as needed were truly remarkable. Thanks to your dedication, our daughter's sleep patterns have greatly improved, bringing peace and rest to our entire family.


We are incredibly grateful for your expertise, professionalism, and genuine care. We wholeheartedly recommend your services to any parent seeking support in establishing healthy sleep habits".


Alex F (Elsie - 6 Months Old)


"I met Annabel when my daughter was 4 months old. She is my first baby and an ‘erratic’ sleeper at best, waking multiple times hence, I sought some in person advice from Annabel. She listened very closely and made me feel at ease. After sending me a personalised plan she also followed up multiple times based on the progress we were making. I would highly recommend Annabel as a trusted ally for any new mum when it comes to their baby’s sleep".


Becky D (Bonnie - 4 Months Old)


Annabel has been brilliant in helping me work out a sleep and general day to day routine with my third baby. She’s been very kind and empathetic and has really helped my older two settle in to life as a family of 5! We’ve established a plan together that works for everyone in the family and isn’t too rigid for my older two children. I’d highly recommend her services. 


Louisa C (Sienna - 11 Months Old)

Honestly I didn’t think anyone could help us, until I came across Annabel over at the Marlow Sleep Coach. She’s literally like a Angel in disguise. After struggling for months and living on coffee with very little sleep we’ve finally started to see BIG improvements with our little boy and his sleep routine. 


He was waking multiple times in the night, with day time naps that was all over the place but now he’s nearly going straight through and even waking much later than his usual 6am wake up call. Giving me time to actually grab a hot drink before starting our day. Annabel goes always above and beyond from FaceTime calls to checking in daily/weekly on how we are progressing.


I really wish I’d came across Marlow Sleep Coach a lot sooner than I did but I will be forever grateful for all the sleep I’m now getting!

Shannon R (Bobby - 12 Months Old)

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